GEM Water | Naturally Alkaline Water Home & Office Delivery
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Why is a GEM precious? Our GEM is separated by its uniqueness in package, taste and quality, having a myriad of natural minerals to attribute to healthy body.


Naturally Alkaline – better absorption of minerals into the body.
Natural Electrolytes – allows cells to generate energy.
A host of natural minerals – attributing to a healthier body.

The process starts at the peak of the mountain range located in the north-eastern part of the island, where insurmountable rainfall nurtures this preserved and untouched environment. This water cascades downhill, negotiating its way through the earth, being naturally filtered by mineral-rich rocks, creating the perfect natural mineral composition for the body. Afterwards, the enriched water flows into a natural underground water basin called an aquifer where it is preserved until it naturally rises to form the spring.