FAQs - GEM Spring Water
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How do I cancel my order/service once it has been placed?

If you wish to cancel your one-time or recurring order, please send an email to orders@gemspringwater.com or call 786-888-0256 as soon as possible. For recurring monthly orders, your cancellation will become effective with the next scheduled shipment. Please note that we are unable to cancel your one-time order once the product has shipped.

What is the alkalinity level (pH) of GEM Spring Water?

Due to its natural composition, GEM’s pH ranges from 7.8 – 8.5. Drinking and natural water can range in pH due to dissolved minerals and gases. Solutions with a pH of less than 7 are said to be “acidic” and those higher than 7, “alkaline”.

Does GEM Spring Water have electrolytes?

Yes, GEM has naturally occurring electrolytes.

Why should I prepay for a subscription?

You will be able to benefit from our discounted rates by committing to 3 or more months of service. To order at our discounted subscription rates, start by checking out our Plans. You have a choice of 3 or 6-month subscriptions. Select the plans you would like to receive and place them in your shopping cart. Service will begin a few days after placing the order and will be shipped on the same day every month. Should you choose to modify your service please call customer service at 786-888-0256 or email orders@gemspringwater.com.

How can I order GEM Spring Water Delivery?

You can order directly on our website by navigating to Plans or Select a Bottle and selecting your preferred bottle size, plan, and quantity. Simply add to cart and follow our easy checkout process.If you prefer, you can also reach us by phone at 786-888-0256 or email us at orders@gemspringwater.com.

How do I modify my order/service once it has been placed?

If you have signed up for “My Account” while placing your order, you will be able to update your delivery address information within your account. Upon updating, your next order will automatically ship to your new address. To modify other components of your recurring or subscription order, such as quantities, delivery dates, etc., Please send an email to orders@gemspringwater.com or call 786-888-0256.

How do I get water automatically on a monthly basis?

You can order convenient monthly service by signing up for our recurring and subscription plans or by emailing us at orders@gemspringwater.com or by phone at 786-888-0256

Can I get delivery of GEM Water at my office or business location?

Yes. GEM Water provides delivery service to homes, offices and business locations across the continental United States.

Can I track my order?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been shipped. To track your package, simply open the email and follow the link. If you have difficulties please email orders@gemspringwater.com or call 786-888-0256.

How will my order be shipped?

The vast majority of orders is shipped ground and should arrive within the next few days.

When will my order be shipped?

Often, your order will be shipped on the same day it was placed. If your order was placed after 11am PST or over the weekend it will typically ship on the following business day.

What is your return policy?

At this time, GEM Water does not accept returns.

Can I receive a refund if my order arrived damaged or is missing?

We rarely encounter material damage or missed deliveries with our carrier. If you, however, feel that your product has arrived seriously damaged and is unfit for consumption, please contact us immediately at orders@gemspringwater.com or call 786-888-0256. We will work with you as best as possible to confirm the issue and send a replacement product if appropriate. For deliveries deemed missing, please allow up to 10 business days since placing your order before contacting us to ensure that the carrier has had sufficient amount of time to deliver your shipment.

What if I received the wrong product?

If you received the wrong item, please contact our customer service at orders@gemspringwater.com or call 786-888-0256. We will gladly replace your shipment with the appropriate item free of charge.